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good morning, i'm jessica
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kartalija and we'll start with weather with marty. it's great to have you here, i mean that. what we're seeing is a lot of good news. you see nothing for head and severe weather. we'll have another hot one, but not like the weekend. that's long gone. we're in the low 80s hot and humid. stuffy for sure. thundershowers later on with dinner time temperatures, 87- degree. that's dry air moving our way. it should be beautiful. now, to sharon at traffic control. hi, good morning, everyone. not much to worry about. the one and only accident we had is gone. leaving us fire activity to watch for. watch for equipment on east baltimore street. otherwise, speeds in the area still looking good on the major roadways.
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there's a live look at the beltway. it's running smoothly on the inner and outer lupe. no issues at the key bridge or on 795. remember, wjz-13 is always on, for traffic information any time, go to >> >> sharon, thank you. here's what people will be talking about today. the search for a missing 7 month old last seen friday night in the care of a teen babysitter. alex demetrick is outside of city police head quartser. >> -- quarters.there >> reporter: the baby's father insists he doesn't know where the baby and the -- babysitter are. >> i'm not worried about her, i just want my son. >> reporter: she dropped her
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son off at the father's house. he left the son with boozer to buy cigarettes. my son's gone. >> he was questioned several times by the police. the police, they just keep getting on my nerves. i keep telling them the same things. >> reporter: he didn't call the police until the next morning because he hoped that boozer would return with his son. >> he smiles, he's playful. he's a good baby. if this person has my grandson, please bring him back. >> reporter: the police don't believe that the child is in danger. >> we're acting on the public's help. >> reporter: they believe that boozer cook in prince george's or montgomery county. boozer may have a blond mohawk
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hair tile with piercings. a city firefighter fell ill while battling a two alarm fire yesterday morning. a woman inside heard the smoke alarm and helped six relatives to safety. bge is reviewing a peek reward's program. it cycles air-conditioning programs. it may not have worked. some said their compressors were shut off for eight hours or more. a maryland contractor is jailed in cuba. he makes a final appeal to the country's supreme court. he was sentenced to 15 year. they believe he was working to spread democracy. he said he was trying to help
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the island's jewish community. >> the debt crisis is leading to a sell off. nikkei closed down 1% overnight. europe's major markets are in the same territory this morning. here's reports from wjz. negotiations have broken down. >> reporter: republicans and democrats are still at an inpass. they'll unveil dualing plans to raise the nation's debt ceiling. john boehner told the rank and file that it's time to make sacrifices. he's staying firm to his demand. >> there will be a two stage process. it's not possible to do this in one step. >> he'll have spending cuts and another extension down the road. after the meeting with the president, harry reed made it clear, that's not an option.
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john boehner's plan is simply a short term plan, he said and therefore, a nonstarter with the senate and with the president. read's proposal will likely raise the debt ceiling by $2 trillion to 2012 and do it without raising taxes. >> the dead line is next tuesday. the house and senate have to act quickly. we may have a few stressful days coming up. and stressful for the markets of the world and the american people. in the end, there's no question that the government won't default. speaking to the u.s. chamber of congress overnight, hillary clinton said she's confident a deal would be reached. american money meant to rebuild afghanistan is falling into the hands of the taliban.
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the companies were given multibillion dollars contracts. four of the companies were involved in criminal activity and provided support to criminal sources. a special tribute to coretta scott king. it's been a year in the making. it's a way to honor the wife of dr. martin luther king jr.. now, a travel day for the orioles, before facing the toronto blue jays last night. guthrie hoped to avoid becoming the first pitcher to lose 14 games this year. he got a little bit of help from adam jones. the angels won, 9-3.
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some signs of progress in the nfl lockout. good morning, a player's executive committee is set to meet in washington. several issues were ironed out. among the bigger issues, well, the players want the right to opt out of the labor agreement down the road. sources tell the associated press is not certain that players would vote today. that's what the fans are hoping for. >> stan, thanks first preseason game is set for two weeks from thursday in philadelphia. and the quest for the grand prix will take shape today. jersey walls will be put up for the race. the construction starts at pratt and light street. tens of thousands are expected downtown for the big race. hey, that's next up on the
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calendar. >> it will be fun. >> that's next up. i mean, think about it. the, what is it? 40 days. -- did you see that guy in there? they showed a quick shot of him. he was doing construction. he said you wouldn't believe the number of people that pull up and throw stuff at the construction workers. he said everyone's excited about the race, but they throw anything at those guys. they're just doing their jobs. the traffic is a pain, but they're just doing their job. can you believe that? >> can i be honest with you? i've done the news for 35 years. i can believe anything. also, that will be one of the coolest events in baltimore. i don't think that the
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information tsunami has hit yet. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> it's all good news. we're 4 degrees cooler than this time yesterday morning. we have a heat index of 81 and heck, it's 79 degrees now. so, we're not that much off of normal to be quite honest about it. let's go to the ronster. you can kind of feel it. it's a warm and humid morning and the air is not moving. it doesn't feel like the last few mornings. >> welcome back, how are you guys doing? >> good. >> i heard an expression that said it all. it was so hot, it was air you can wear. >> that was good, man! >> i don't know where i heard it, but man, i felt it. >> that's appealing.
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hey, t monday. that means manic monday. we have a great group. we're ready to rock 'n' roll with baltimore fashion week when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,
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good morning to you, good morning, sharon gibala. it's looking great outside. the two problems we started the morning with, they're gone. there's a look at the speeds around the beltway. you anytime the road, it's all clear. we can take a live look outside at 795 at cockiesville road. this is brought to you by toyota. . you'll find quality cars an truck. toyota, moving forward. back to you, jessica and marty.
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>> well, okay. >> all right. >> well, okay. >> he's over there, i promise. there you go. >> had to morph me into here. temperatures are in the upper 70s to low 80s areawide. we're talking a about temperatures 5 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. yes, it's warm and humid. it will be a hot and humid afternoon. the oppressive heat and humidity are long gone. the normal high is 88 degrees. this day, we're going for a high of 91 degrees. watch for a chance of thundershowers in the area later on this afternoon. first warning doppler showing some returns on and out of aft east -- on and off of the east. it's stuffy and humid enough,
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we're starting to trip the equipment. we have a wind shift coming in later only, we'll have trier conditions tomorrow. 91 degrees tomorrow. the humidity isn't a factor. keeping it in the low 90s wednesday. thursday into saturday, it will be back into the mid-to upper 90s and humid again. tomorrow and wednesday, in the land of pleasant living, we'll be able to get some relief. that's all good news. now, it's time for the best tv in america. manic monday. ♪ it's another manic monday. i wish it was sunday ♪ all right, let's send it right out to the ronster. >> good morning, good morning, marty, welcome back to you and jessica, welcome aboard.
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>> hello. >> great job saturday, high heels for hope. >> thank you. >> six weeks from today, we'll have the annual raven's rally. that's labor day. we'll tell you more about it as we move on. all right, ladies and gentlemen, it's manic monday with baltimore fashion week! [ cheers and applause ] >> if you're not familiar with baltimore fashion week, you will be in a minute. this is the fourth year we've been involved. >> hi, ron. >> let's talk about our baltimore fashion week. it's august 18th-21st. it's slated for harbor east. >> it's like new york fashion week in baltimore? >> yes, i'm glad you realize that. >> i'm a fashion ista. well, it's happening august 18th through the 21st.
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this is my team,yay! >> we have karen, opening thursday night and cat is opening saturday night. this is kristen. >> come on out here. quickly, we have to show these. come right in front. jessica, marty, how would you like to drive in those? >> i bet she would win the contest. i don't know if you can drive a golf ball or a car in these. >> you would do it very carefully. >> all right, your website? >> >> you have a whole runway? >> yes, 60 feet, inside a tent. we have the crew and tony the
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tiger and luther and the coach and joe. we have a little present. the coach's birthday is tomorrow. 81 years young. >> thank you! >> what do you got? >> we have a guide for the coach called anger management. >> we love you! >> we love you, too. thank you, pal. >> 81. >> we're working on the party right now. >> well, we always have to toast the coach somewhere. we don't know when and where, we'll be there. >> yeah, i think several of his girlfriends are out of tune. >> there may be a bachelor party then. >> did you see sun magazine. our buddy, josh charles on the cover.
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we love him. and sharon nixon, you're in that? i sure am, what am i in? >> the sun magazine. >> i have to get my click ore, my twanger here. luther? >> maestro, the music is you please. >> you know what the twanger is? >> i thought it was a technical term. >> i don't know? ♪ 6:00 already, i was just in the middle of a dream. >> i just woke up, i swear i
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just woke up. ♪ kissing valentino -- >> these are the days that you wish your bed was already made. it's just another manic monday, oh, oh, i wish it was sunday. oh, oh. that's my fun day, oh, oh. my i don't have to run day, just another manic monday. ♪ all right, well done. well done. we shall want to invite you back in november. ♪ note >> sharon, good luck. >> get your tickets now. 18th through the 21st. thank you. thank you. excellent. not only that, that was the best set design. >> yes, it was. love you guys, thank you, give yourselves a big hand. >> have a great day. see ya. >> take a look at the forecast
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real quick. going for a high of 91 degrees. partly sunny and watch for showers and thundershowers coming home from work this day. tomorrow, it will be a relief. just a typical summer beautiful day and a high of 91 degrees. i thought you said, we want you to wash or shower. >> well, that's not -- can you send that message to my son. >> all right. thank you. >> jake, take a bath. >> take a shower. ,,,, beth!
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nominate your favorite blogger in these categories. the blog, with the most votes will win a $50 gift card to amazon. go to wjz for all of the details. next up this morning on wjz. norway's accused terrorist repairs for his first court appearance. coming up, a statewide search continues for a 7 month
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old boy and a teen babysitter. it's wedding day for hundreds of same sex couples in new york. i'll have the story. i'm sharon gibala. if you're about to head out, smooth sailing for the home. we'll let you know if anything pops up. tahani jones is coming to baltimore. first, he joins us on coffee with, talk about his new show on the travel channel. [ male announcer ] southwest is having a nationwide sale, with flights all over the country starting at only $59. as the nation's largest domestic airline, we have a flight that fits your budget anywhere southwest flies. but the sale can't last forever, so you need to hurry and use this to go to and book your flight before it's too late.
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♪ now you can have brownies again. new fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle.
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welcome back, we're going to 91 degrees today. we don't have heat advisories on the graphic at this time. nor any more severe weather. i'll point that out, at some point between midday and bedtime, we'll see thunderstorms. maybe two. right now, 90 degrees at lunch and on the way to 91. hot and 3 above normal. we won't see the values warmer than 94 today. now, to sharon with traffic control. still, a good morning on the roads. we don't have any speed problems. the only slow spots are the beltway. that's at the average speeds and drive times. slower earthquake 795 to 95 on the outer lupe. we have a 123 minute drive time. on route 50, there's a look at
6:31 am
the bay bridge. there's a look at 795. this is brought to you by your toyota sharon, thank you. the terror attacks that left 93 in norway. new information is learn about the killer. he'll be in court today. as we report, we're learning more about his motive. >> reporter: anders behring breivik's 15 page momento talks about justice, but an expert says that this is cut and paste from the uni bomber's speech. >> it looks like it's his own
6:32 am
thing, but it's not. >> reporter: norway's government leaders and royal family wept for the victims. searchers continue to look for victims. it's a well known thing, the group goes to the island. >> reporter: analysts believe they were targeted to cripple future leaders. under the law, if this man is convicted, his sentence would be 21 years. that penalty is one of the haul marks of the liberal society. it's a way of life he wants to change. the results will be the opposite. because we'll be more open, we'll be more inclusive, he cannot destroy us, never. overnight, we learned that one of the people killed at the
6:33 am
youth camp was the stepbrother of the crowned princess in norway. >> a man injured in a hit-and- run has died. he was hit while crossing center street. a driver trying to beat the red light sped up, hitting him. the police haven't found the person responsible. the police are searching the state for a missing infant and the teen babysitter who took him from his father's home. alex demetrick has more. >> reporter: well, the city police are working with agencies around the state. they're focusing on prince county. >> friends and family can only try comforting this mother. >> i'm not worried about her, i just want my son. >> this woman dropped her son
6:34 am
off at her father's house. boozer is a friend of a friend. he left his son with another girl so he could go buy cigarettes. he's been questioned about this by the police. the police, they just keep getting on my nerves. i keep telling them the same thing. >> reporter: he said that he didn't call her until the next morning because he was hoping she would return with his son. he's a good baby. >> if this person has my grandson, please bring him back. >> the police don't believe that the child is in danger. >> we're asking for the public's help. >> the police leave boozer may have a blond mohawk now and piercings. if you have information about the case, you're asked to
6:35 am
call the city police. >> well, he's running to be president of baltimore's city council, but he's banned from entering the building on his own accord. he must give 24 hours notice before his arrival and he'll have to have an escort at all time. he used to own the senator theatre and he within the on a -- and he went on a tirade last month. the woman who accused dominique strauss-kahn of raping her breaks her silence. she said that dominique strauss- kahn forced her to perform a sex act and she disputes the claims that she cannot be trusted. another congressional member is forced to resign amid-
6:36 am
a sex scandal. this man is the subject of an ethic's committee investigation. we're learning more about the singer amy winehouse's death. a security guard found her dead in her bed. the report claims that she died during a drinking bing. the results of an autopsy could be released today. an historic week in new york state already. here's the report for wjz-13. a high profile politician is leading the way. >> reporter: michael bloomberg made a bold statement officiating a same sex marriage of the residents. he married two of the high ranking staffers.
6:37 am
>> new york is the 6th and largest state to allow same sex marriage. the federal government doesn't allow the unions. they're hoping other states can pass similar laws. >> we're excited to be in this state and love in the state we're married in. >> reporter: this governor believe that is other states will follow the lead. >> you're seen the beginning of it. now, you'll feel the power of new york. opponents are threatening to put a same sex marriage initiative on the ballot. >> now, we're individually targeting state legislatures to kick them out of office. we're clear, we warned them, now, we'll kick them out. >> wjz, eyewitness news. a temporary wedding chapel is built in new york's central
6:38 am
park. more same sex couples are planning on marrying this week. >> the world swimming championships are taking place. michael phelps lead off in the 400 freestyle relay. they picked up the bronze medal and other key events are still ahead. and there's a new man on top of the cycling world this morning tour de france concluded in paris. evans won, yesterday, it was official. this is the australian's first tour de france victory. this is the first major league home run against the orioles. this is the three run drive. the o's begin a ten day home stand beginning in toronto tomorrow. >> that doesn't make sense, does it? the baseball hall of fame
6:39 am
is welcoming the newest class of inductees with a former orioles topping the list. >> thank you, baltimore. >> alimar was one of the greatest second basemen. also, more were inducted. it was a action sports stars on display. bucky showed off his moves. he finished second in the final and he ended the weekend on a high note, however, taking the gold medal. let me tell you something. huge round of applause for bucky. bucky performs well and the dew tour is big. it's like having nascar come to town. it's like the olympics for
6:40 am
extreme sports actual tour is the dew tour. bucky, performing, basically on home turf. he was the star on the field, and off of the field. if you follow bucky on social media, he was taking people all over. he represented the hometown and down at the ocean quite well. give him a huge round of applause. >> i realize that. >> i want you to keep in mind. he's from dundalk, maryland. this guy's from dundalk, too. this is the president of the pga itself. when the rider cup comes to america, the man standing there is another man from dundalk, maryland. alan from dundalk and bucky. it's all good in dundalk.
6:41 am
two guys making us proud. it is what it is. >> there you go. >> can the weather be more challenging. could you imagine being in the stands. then, we had the rain. it's been a tough few days. that run is over. believe me, i have good news coming up. you see the currents here. you see that 78? that's three to five degrees cooler. we'll continue with good news, coming up shortly. coming up, it's tahani jones. coming up, we'll talk about the travel channel and tackling the globe. sharon gibala has wjz traffic control. we have first warning weather and more, coming up next, stay there. ,,,,,,,,,, [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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warm, humidity, stuffy. what we're talking about is a clear scan. we're seeing a little bit of ground clutter. en we'll go back to the currents. barometer at 29.87. that 78 degrees is 7 degrees cooler than this time yesterday morning. 67 in oakland and 75 cumberland and 81 d.c. and easton and pax river and ocean city. 73 in westminster. we shot up to 77 in bel air. 73 in rock hall and annapolis and kent island at 81. there's the three degree difference. it's going to be nicer in the morning. big infusion of dry air trying
6:46 am
to move our way we blow the humidity out of the forecast. the comfort level gets nice. what we're looking at over the next few days, tomorrow and wednesday, courtesy of that, that's standard weather. there's heat and humid in oppression. it's not going to be there for a few days any way. 91 today and clouds breaking. tomorrow, a nice summer day and a high of 91-degree. same deal on wednesday. thursday, it starts to get humid. back into the upper 90s. j. kart, take it away. now, over to sharon with traffic control. there if you're about to head out, the only thing you need to watch out for is a big jam now. 42 miles per hour is the average speed. that's between 795 and 95. if you look at this shot, it's
6:47 am
going slower than 42 in that area on the outer lupe. watch for the slow going there. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. you'll find quality cars and trucks. toyota, moving forward. >> this morning's coffee with is with dahani jones. this is furnished by bing. please welcome to eyewitness news morning edition, dahani jones. >> everyone is saying, he's a cincinnati we bangle. >> should there be a football season this year? >> well, eventually, we'll be at your stadium.
6:48 am
i'm going to be at the pratt library on july 26th. we'll talk about the sports. >> very good. and of course, on travel channel, you have dahani tackles the globe. how did you get interested in travel? >> it's always been a part of my lifestyle and with the thicks -- things i like to do and being a military child and traveling around, i always had that travel bug. still, to this day, i travel and one of the best partnerships aside from the travel channel is linking up and her honoring -- and learning about the great decisions they help you with. it doesn't matter how much money you have, you have a opportunity to travel. >> and in this economy, you would think that a lot of people think they have to cut back on an out of country
6:49 am
vacation, you're saying that's not so? >> well, it's the best time to actually travel. everyone wants to go somewhere and everyone wants to take someone somewhere. kids get wrestless. take them on vacation. that can provide the tools to help you make the best choices and decisions on where next to go. >> being a seasoned traveler and a person who travels for work as well. what do most people do wrong when taking a trip? >> well, i think that one of the things that people do wrong is they don't ask everyone in the family, they don't ask their friends where to go. that's one thing that's great about bing. you can link them to your facebook. people can give you advice on
6:50 am
where to go and plug that into bing. other things is that people don't make choices and they end up sitting at home and they haven't really seen the world and haven't been able to educate themselves. >> and since we're supposed to ask their friends, i'll ask you, what's your favorite all time trip? >> all time favorite trip, new zealand. >> go to london if it's closer. even closer, go to virginia beach. >> okay, we'll, we can drive there. what is it that intrigues you about new zealand? >> well, that's why you have to go there. it's probably one of the youngest countries. it's nothing poisonous. it wraps it up. if you're an out door
6:51 am
person, if you like to swim, surf and backpack, that's the way to go. >> do you have a way of handling the long flight? most people stay home because of that, i think. well, i think you need to break down that 16 hour flight into a day of activities. a lot of people look at the flight as a 16 hour flight. if you look at it into a movie, a meal, conversation with friend, a little bit of sleep and exercise, 16 hours goes by pretty quickly. i have to ask you, what do you tackle as a sportsman? >> well, i tackle the unexpected lessons. i tell more people about the wonderful places i've traveled to and hope to inspire people to go to different countries. ultimately, it's the best education that anyone can have. >> thank you for sharing with us.
6:52 am
we'll check out the travel channel and i hope to catch you when you're at town, talking about your book. yep, and we'll see you on the 26th. >> dahana jones. >> thank you. >> we'll take a break and come back, we'll have the latest on traffic for you, of course and more first warning weather. don't go away, we'll continue in a moment. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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it's a gentle breeze and a high of 91-degree. what a difference a lack of humidity makes. now, over to sharon gibala. 42 miles per hour is the average feed speed -- speed. there's the live look at the delay. everything is moving better on ate at mountain road. this is brought to you by mountain pest control.
6:56 am
call for more information. sharon, thank you. a babysitter took a 7 month old from his father's home. the 7 month old was last seen with this woman on friday. the police are centering the search on montgomery county. bge is reviewing the peak rewards program. the company cycles the air conditioner compressors on and off. some said theres was shut off for eight hours or more. today, crews will put up jersey walls for the races along pratt and light street. stay with us, complete news, wealth and traffic still aheld and more on the man who set,
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